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About Home Tutors India .com

Find out more about who we are, our vision and mission for Home Tutors India.com

What is Home tutors india?

Hometutorsindia is a free search service that allows subscribers to search for the suitable home tutor according to their requirement.
  1. Hometutorsindia is developed to be the one, trusted, centralized service where subscribers can find the suitable home tutor according to their requirement.
  2. Hometutorsindia allows you to get options about teachers.

Our Vision and Mission at Home tutors india

To be the leader and trusted solution of College and Scholarship search services in the U.S. marketplace. To provide result oriented education at students place which results into score more every time.
  1. We build our service based on trust and value to save you time and money.
  2. We constantly strive to improve our service & standards.

Who We Are?

Hometutorsindia is an established home tuition service; we carefully recommend qualified tutors to help with school and college subjects for all ages. We have been providing tuitions from the last Eight years, with the aim to build confidence, skills and the enjoyment of learning by personal encouragement.
Hometutorsindia is committed to providing tutoring & educational services of a high standard,
supporting parents and pupils, schools and teachers
Hometutorsindia provides home tuitions for all subjects. Hometutorsindia can make life easier for you. we can help you acquire your students in a faster, easier and cost effective way. Hometutorsindia provides quality teachers for an exciting and successful way to study all subjects.

The key to success for Hometutorsindia, is to choose good match between you and your teacher. We have built up extensive information on all our teachers - their teaching specialties. You provide us with details about yourself and your requirements and we use a sophisticated database programme to find the ideal teacher for you. We then discuss your course with the teacher and send you a detailed profile of the teacher and location.
  1. Hometutorsindia was created to provide the optimal, trusted, centralized information source for search of best HOME TUTOR.
  2. Our consolidated resources are verified and continuously updated on a daily basis.

Our Values

  1. We are easy to do business with.
  2. We recognize individuals by encouraging development and rewarding performance.
  3. We communicate specifically, honestly, and with respect to all customers and employees.
  4. We exceed customers' expectations in service and urgency.
  5. We seek input and feedback for the continuous improvement of products, service levels and processes.
  6. We make decisions as an owner.
  7. We do what we say we will do.
  8. We are community minded.

.: Dear Parents / Students Simply follow three easy steps :.

Step 1: Search to find Home Tutors in your City / Area offering their services for your specific requirements.

Step 2: Select (by enabling the check box) your prospective Home Tutors. Send your selected tutors a message ( Tuition Requirement ) detailing your requirements with How many days and How many Hours of Tutoring you are looking for with Subject Details in addition to Area details.

Step 3: Your selected tutors will be contacted and asked to accept or reply to your Home Tutor requirement. You can read their responses and ask them further questions through your member's area. Once you are satisfied with the tutor and He / She has accepted to take classes, you can confirm your choice of tutor. ( Our Primary objective is Quality Tutoring and Safety / Privacy )

.: Suggestions for Successful Home Tuition :.

Homely Environment

Please ensure that, Tutorial sessions take place in a quiet environment in your home, so that tutor and student can work without disturbance. We would suggest as good practice, parent or guardian always be present in the home during tutorial session.

Before your First Session

It is helpful to think about what you like/dislike about your subject so that tutor can discuss your needs.

We recommend all parents or guardians to ask to see any qualifications the tutor has declared in the Profile, based on which you have chosen him / her. We advise tutors to expect this request.

First Session

  1. Is an opportunity for you to see how you get along with the Tutor.
  2. The tutor will want to talk through your subject with you.
  3. The tutor will do some exercises with you to stretch you and understand your learning style.

As Your Sessions Progress

  1. Don't be afraid to ask your tutor to raise or ease the pace or difficulty of sessions.
  2. If you would like to change anything about the sessions (content, structure) just mention it to your tutor.
  3. Help other parents and Students by providing feedback about your tutor through HomeTutorsIndia.Com.

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